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 ===== Community Examples ===== ===== Community Examples =====
-**Snake Game**\\ 
-Written for the Haxe DCI Library\\ 
-Author: Andreas Söderlund\\ 
 **Simple Shopping Cart**\\ **Simple Shopping Cart**\\
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 https://​​DCI/​scaladci/​tree/​master/​examples/​src/​test/​scala/​scaladci/​examples https://​​DCI/​scaladci/​tree/​master/​examples/​src/​test/​scala/​scaladci/​examples
-**Restaurant Simulation**\\ +**Library Borrowing Machine**\\ 
-Written ​for the Haxe DCI Library\\+A simulation of a library machine used for borrowing library items\\
 Author: Andreas Söderlund\\ Author: Andreas Söderlund\\
 +**Snake Game**\\ 
 +An implementation of the classic Snake game\\ 
 +Author: Andreas Söderlund\\ 
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